Alexander Technique Video Library

Take a look at my videos on all things related to The Alexander Technique: interviews, helpful tips, workshops, and more. Check back often as my video library will always be expanding and growing with new content.

You can’t do something you don’t know if you keep on doing what you do know. ~F.M. Alexander

Michael D. Frederick discusses the Alexander Technique and how he approaches his work with clients and students.

At his Tuscany, Italy Workshop, Michael D. Frederick discusses his Alexander Technique workshops offered through Alexander Technique Workshops International.

Michael D. Frederick, founder of Alexander Technique Workshops International, discusses how the Alexander Technique can fine tune your life and prevent performance injury.

With Walter Carrington’s blessing, Michael D. Frederick reads Carrington’s “Alexander and Emotion” at the 6th International Congress of F.M. Alexander in Freiburg, Germany (August 10, 1999)

This comic spoof is simply showcasing how a life of fragmented thinking accumulates over time into ineffectual behavior. This applies to the Alexander Technique because it can give you tools to learn how to carry a decision through to the end, against the habits of a lifetime.

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